Crypto-native financial advisory for DAOs

We are building the financial and economic infrastructure for thriving decentralized communities.

Our seasoned team of crypto-native collaborators brings a wealth of expertise in financial advisory, strategic planning, investment banking, analytics, accounting, legal research, and coding to help your DAO navigate the challenges and opportunities of the decentralized economy.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Our financial statements are built from the ground up, leveraging the transparency and immutability of the blockchain.

This allows us to provide highly customizable financial reporting that's tailored to the unique needs of your DAO community.

DAO Operations

Transitioning from a centralized organization to a fully-fledged DAO is messy and fraught with challenges that Steakhouse has successfully tackled first hand.

We partner with our clients to build transition plans to ensure operations continuity and scalability, and then execute on them relentlessly.

Strategic Advisory

Steakhouse has significant experience negotiating Commercial deals, partnerships and advising on tokenomics with the largest companies and DAOs in the the industry.

We also spearheaded the onboarding of the largest Real World Assets (”RWA”) in the industry, and vigorously fight for our clients’ interests.

Selected Partners

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Leading decentralized stablecoin and overcollateralized lending protocol.

Steakhouse contributors serve in the Strategic Finance Core Unit, bringing financial reporting, asset-liability management and tens of millions of dollars of new partnership revenue.

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Leading decentralized liquid staking derivatives platform on Ethereum and beyond.

Steakhouse serves as the Finance Workstream, bringing management reporting, strategic financial analysis to key initiatives and deep operational support.

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Decentralized, permissionless naming service for wallets, websites and more.

Steakhouse serves alongside Karpatkey, DeFi treasury managers with $400m AUM, delivering reporting and finance support as the Finance Working Group at ENS.

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Innovative USD and Euro-pegged decentralized stablecoin and lending / hedging protocol.

Steakhouse contributors offer advisory support and operate senior governance mandates at this innovative USD and Euro-pegged stablecoin.

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Simple and powerful community-driven finance for the entire globe.

Steakhouse serves as real-world asset and stablecoin policy advisors to the DAO.

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BadgerDAO is a decentralized collective of builders supporting community driven growth for Bitcoin across DeFi.

Steakhouse collaborates on eBTC, a novel stablecoin indexed on BTC, initially with stETH CDP backing

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Mountain Protocol

The first permissionless yield-bearing stablecoin, issued by a fully regulated entity in Bermuda and backed by US treasury bills

Steakhouse Financial is a strategic advisor on DeFi, liquidity and general stablecoin nerdery

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The most efficient and liquid protocol to supply and borrow assets on Ethereum. Morpho Blue is a trustless and efficient lending primitive with permissionless market creation.

Steakhouse serves as a strategic advisor to Morpho Blue and runs a MetaMorpho Vault based on real-world assets.

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Leading optimistic rollup and scaling solution for bringing Ethereum to billions of people

Steakhouse was elected to serve on the STEP Selection Committee to help token holders navigate a litany of real-world asset tokenization issuers

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Steakhouse Values


We believe that creativity thrives in a fun environment, inspiring us to find innovative solutions to the most complex challenges in cryptoeconomic systems.


The rapid evolution and pace of change in crypto can be overwhelming but providing clear, accurate, and trusted financial information doesn’t have to be.


We have a bias for action and moving quickly, seeking to constantly iterate and improve every day.

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