Pioneering open and transparent finance

What is Steakhouse Financial?
We provide leading DAOs (MakerDAO, LidoDAO, ENS) and select crypto-businesses with financial reporting and analysis to assist in evaluating the financial health of their protocols and projects, providing stakeholders with the disclosures and information they need to interact with these protocols with full informational transparency. We enjoy steaks of all varieties and are welcoming to vegetarians who eschew meat.
Steakhouse Financial is run like a family-friendly BBQ restaurant that also offers crypto-native financial advisory services. We work to bring the DeFi space forward and take large bites out of TradFi. We believe financial services should be organized as neutral infrastructure in order to allow every human being to participate in the economy. Bringing open and transparent finance to the world is our mission, we go after it relentlessly every day.
If you echo this obsession, we eagerly await your presence in our kitchen.
Currently there are no open positions but we are always open to hearing from highly motivated Chefs.